LB Bulgaricum

LB Bulgaricum Plc. (LB) is a leading dairy company in Bulgaria with 180 employees.

The company is a major producer of starters for milk products using locally isolated strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). LB owns two dairy processing plants and produces dairy products, as well as freeze-dried milk based functional foods.

LB Bulgaricum activities in the consortium focus on:

  • Validation of new fermenation protocolos
  • Validation of markers for improved yield in the pilot plant and production facilities

The development of traditional and novel dairy products is considered a national priority for Bulgaria. LB maintains a collection (LBB collection) of about 1000 LAB strains of different origin. Strains are identified using molecular methods and further characterized as starters with emphasis on different technological, organoleptic and probiotic properties.

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