Bioprox was founded in 1962 and has 44 employees. The company is located close to the town of Angers in the Loire Valley, France. Bioprox is fully equipped for microbiological analyses, fermentations at laboratory scale (2 to 8 L) and pilot scale (100 L to 5 m3) and separation technology at both laboratory scale (centrifugation) and pilot scale (centrifugation and ultrafiltration).  Bioprox is specialised in the manufacturing of:

  • Lactic ferments,
  • Maturing cultures
  • Technological manufacturing auxiliaries for the food and agronomy industry.

Bioprox activities in the consortium

The company operates in different segments, especially in the food industry and particularly the dairy sector, wine sector, prepared foods and the agro-industry.

  • Developing markers for strain yield and robustness.
  • Validating molecular markes for yield and robustness.

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